Agenda for Thursday April 28th 6 PM

You’re cordially invited to the Claremont Town Committee (CTC) next meeting. The meeting will be held on Thursday, April 28th at 6 PM in the conference room on the second floor of the Moody Building at 24 Opera House Square.  Our goal is to build on the energy we all expressed at our last meeting and to build momentum as we move into the Spring and Summer months. 


  1. Pledge of allegiance 
  2. Accepting the minutes of the previous meeting  
  3. Minor adjustments to the bylaws regarding officer tenure and election cycles 
  4. Discussion of Spring and Summer events. Specifically, what can we do to enhance our public image, put funds in the bank, build relationships between our members, and create an attraction for more people to get involved?  Suggestions include: 
    • Community Volunteerism Events 
    • Fundraising Events 
    • Social & Informative Events 
    • Events that attract new members 
  5. CTC mission statement.  What precisely are we focused on, and what are our priorities therein? 
  6. Outreach, how can we work with existing members to put more names on our list?  We want to be sure our meetings and events are noticed by everyone that may be interested in helping our cause! 
  7. We need a strapline.  A short phrase or slogan that conveys what we are about.  Some suggestions include: 
    • CTC Good Neighbors 
    • Caring for Claremont 
    • Local Sensibility 
    • Sensible + Strategic = Prosperity 
    • Working for Prosperity 
    • We’re Done Complaining 
    • Electing Sensible Leaders 
    • Because Sensible Leadership Matters